Last Day of Parallel Universe

So I guess it’s the last day of some music festival or something, but! It is also the last day to check out Parallel Universe: Quintron and Miss Pussycat Live at City Park. The exhibition has been running since the end of January on the second floor of the Frederick R. Weisman Gallery at NOMA. It concludes today.

Quintron and Miss Pussycat…hmm. It’s always a good thing when what you do is so out-the-box that it is hard to explain succinctly–in the interest of  time (since I’ve got to get over there myself) I will lift this explanation of them from Q’s Wikipedia entryQuintron is an American musician and leader of the eponymous one-man-band, “Quintron”. He is a celebrated nightclub organist and inventor, who has patented a number of his own inventions…He frequently performs with his wife, fellow musician and puppeteer, Panacea Pussycat (also known as Miss Pussycat)…Quintron’s most notable invention to date is the Drum Buddy, a mechanically-rotating, five-oscillator, light-activated drum machine.

The first gallery consists of Miss Pussycat’s puppetry, a “parallel universe,” if you will. Hundreds of her puppets will be on display, spanning the length of her career. Also, on on display is her latest puppet video.

Quintron has both an an interactive display of his Drum Buddy sound machines and has been recording a new album in a gallery space. Apparently, he was allowed to borrow art from around the museum, in order to set up a recording space from which he could draw inspiration. I love that he has been clocking in every day, as a museum employee, and recording his album in this handpicked environment. If only all worthy artists could be funded that way.

Today until 5pm.


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