Morgan Spurlock at Tulane

This evening at 7, Morgan Spurlock is giving a lecture–which is what he is good at–at Tulane University.

Spurlock is best known for his documentary Super Size Me, in which he ate nothing but McDonalds for 30 days, in an attempt to highlight the negative health effects of fast food. He then went on to create the reality television show “30 Days,” in which he–and then later, other people,–would immerse himself in a lifestyle completely foreign to him, for instance, trying to live on minimum wage, or living in an “off the grid” community. It is sort of the thinking person’s “Wife Swap.”

I haven’t found any specifics as to what Spurlock will be lecturing about, but the event is supposed to be filmed for some sort of upcoming DVD project. McAlister Auditorium. 7-8:30.


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