Canarsie Suite at the Allways

Jazz Fest is nearly upon us, and you don’t need me telling you what’s going on at the fairgrounds, or about the countless musical offerings around the city in conjunction with the festival. Instead, for the next few days (and next weekend), I am going to highlight some of the other things going on around town.

Starting tonight at the Allways Lounge, and running through Saturday is Canarsie Suite: At the Edge of Vaudeville. I caught their show at the last Fringe Festival, and it was one of my favorites. In fact, when I think of that Fringe, this is the show I think of. The premise is: the LeRoy Sisters are two washed-up vaudevillians from Canarsie, in Brooklyn. The put on their hilariously botched act, which–at least when I saw it–included song and dance, gorilla suits, knife-throwing, and lots of in-fighting. Thursday-Saturday, 8pm, plus an additional 11pm show on Saturday. $10.


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