Chicken Thighs and Capitalism

What with all the festivals and events going on, it is easy to blow through some serious cash this time of year. So, on this Wednesday before Jazz Fest, why don’t we make a delicious and inexpensive meal at home?

The other day I bought a pound of chicken thighs–a very inexpensive cut of poultry–and decided to try to find an exotic and luxurious recipe that featured them. And so I found this Afghani dish, Braised Chicken and Rice with Orange, Saffron, Almond, and Pistachio Syrup.

Pistachios, rose water, cardamom pods and saffron threads are expensive, luxury foods, but we are using small amounts. So I think this still qualifies as a budget meal.

And, the Netflix I’ve had laying around for the last few days is Capitalism: A Love A Story. Perfect, Afghani food and Michael Moore. Of course, by this weekend I’ll be back to worshipping you, almighty dollar.


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