Iron Chef

Tonight the Loyola Asian Student Organization hosts its annual Iron Chef Competition!

Teams from the Loyola Black Student Union, LASO, Loyola Muslim Student Association, Loyola SGA and Asian organizations from Tulane, Xavier and UNO will battle it out before a panel of judges including our Congressman Joseph Cao, and chefs from August and Domenica (one of my new favorite restaurants). There will also be food from Mikimoto, La Thai, 5 Happiness, Bangkok Thai and Hoshun. Proceeds go to the Vietnamese American Heritage Foundation. It is from 7-9, here.

And here’s the opening to the original Iron Chef TV show, in all of it gladiatorial greatness.



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2 responses to “Iron Chef

  1. I swear I hate to be the fly in your announcement soup again, but I’m interested in this event. The first link is bad ( and the final one links to a dozen scattered google maps results.

  2. map link works fine from my mobile device. Here’s the link to loyola calendar.

    thanks for feedback!

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