Tuesdays in April: Learn to Dance

It’s spring time, and perhaps you’re thinking about getting in shape. But why join the  gym, when you can do something super fun like learn old-timey dance moves? I’m just going to re-print this from my Facebook invites:

Learn to dance WITHOUT a partner to traditional jazz & blues music! Charleston & Traditional Jazz Steps (all levels!)

Every Tuesday in April – 6:30-7:30pm (starts April 6th!) Class is held in the teachers home studio in the French Quarter (email for address). This is an exercise-based dance class designed to make you sweat while learning to be more comfortable dancing alone (which in turn will make you a better partner dancer!) Learn the shim sham, 20’s & 30’s style charleston & the blues.

All levels welcome (including total beginners) No experience required! $60 per person for all 4 weeks. Advance sign up required. No drop-ins. Please email to sign up. NOLAjitterbugsINFO@gmail.com

And not only are you going to get in shape, but next time you go to a wedding you can blow everyone away with your mad skills.


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