A Little Easter Decadence

I arrived in New Orleans (to live) almost exactly 10 years ago. It was just before Easter, and one of the first parades I saw was the Gay Easter Parade in the French Quarter. Earlier that day, atop a float I saw Chris Owens, the septuagenarian burlesque performer, and knew I had come to the right town. I got hungry and followed my nose. I ended up wandering into a (now defunct) Marigny bar/restaurant called The Harbor. The place was full, there was a big Easter Sunday buffet. I kind of froze for a minute, not sure if it was a private party or not, when an older gentleman, dressed to the nines, came up and put his arm around me, led me to the buffet, and told me to fix myself a plate. And, well, I’ve been home ever since.

The Gay Easter Parade rolls at 4:30. Here’s the route.

Here’s an awesome moment from last year’s parade:

Then, a little later on, THE place to be is the Spellcaster Lodge, where King Kahn and the Shrines, among others will be doing their thing. Word is: it’s gonna be hard to get in, so no lollygagging!


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  1. a couple of hairsplitting edits suggested by a most polite commenter: The Harbor was in the Marigny and Chris Owens might be better categorized as a “burlesque performer.”

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