Fleas on the Dirty Coast

The annual Crescent City Classic 10K is just coming to an end, as I yawn and stretch and try come to life. There’s always next year…

But! I am up just in time to check out Elysian Fleas, one of a pair of flea markets that have cropped up recently here in downtown New Orleans. I profiled Broad Street Flea a couple of months ago. The two markets aren’t related, but apparently like each other. Cree McCree, who has published a book about flea markets called Flea Market America, is one of the women  who started Elysian Fleas. I think I love her because she wrote (as quoted in New Orleans magazine) “…there’s something about discovering relics of your own past, especially with so much churning of our pop culture. Proust had his Madeleine and Americans have their Brady Bunch lunchboxes.” They don’t have a website, as far as I can tell, but here  is their Facebook page. And here’s a map. 11-5.

Speaking of homegrown wares, later on this evening–10 pm to be precise–Dirty Coast is presenting a fashion show at One-Eyed Jacks. DC makes wonderfully witty t-shirts for New Orleanians. I am always anxious to see what they come up with next. Here’s one of my all-time favorites.

The fashion show is featuring House of Lounge–the best place in town to get your tatas measured, ladies–so, expect some lingerie-clad models to be walking around. The other entertainment they have lined up is great, too: Big Freedia & DJ Rusty Lazer, MC Chris Lane and Fleur de Tease. $10.

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