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Birthday Date Night

Alright, people. I know you’re supposed to go to Jazz Fest today, and then after go see, like, more music at one of the many clubs around town, but…it’s my birthday. And, I am a firm believer that you should do what you really want to do on your birthday, not what you’re supposed to do. Sometimes that means laying around and watching VH1 marathons and eating Ben & Jerry’s, sometimes that means throwing massive parties. Today, I am feeling somewhere in the middle…Speaking of feelings, when I was watching the last Treme, the Susan Spicer-inspired character demands to be taken to Feelings, the restaurant, which made me realize that it has been far too long since I’ve been there. In fact, I haven’t been there since before the storm. And since the city will be overrun with people tonight, and with this recent exposure, Feelings may soon not be so under-the-radar, and since it is walking distance from my house, I realized that’s where I want to have dinner. I haven’t heard much about the quality of the food lately (I’ll get back to you), but their courtyard is one of the most romantic places in town.

But what to have? In perusing the menu, I am tempted to create a tasting menu. They have a bunch of intriguing special appetizers, for instance:

Mushroom Boudin (Seasoned Shitake and Button mushrooms, sauteed in coconut oil with roasted garlic jasmine rice, rolled in a corn husk and then steamed to perfection) 5.75. A Vegetable Terrine (Thin carrot strips encased layers of zucchini, roasted red peppers, roasted tomatoes, eggplant, poached leeks with chive and roasted garlic puree, served on a bed of lettuce topped with a smoked tomato sauce.) 5.25 Mirliton and Corn Roasted Salad (Slivers of Mirliton marinated in rice vinegar topped with kernels of roasted fresh corn, topped with a smooth basil pesto and chopped red bell peppers.) 5.50. Beet Salad: Chilled roasted beets, served on lettuce, toped with a pecan vinaigrette, blended with pomogranate molasses, Meyer lemon and Louisiana raw cane sugar. 5.50–I just love anything in a terrine. And, I adore beets. And, I just have to know what mushroom boudin is. I just realized all these special apps are vegetarian. Huh. Then moving on to the regular appetizer menu, maybe a seafood course of Oysters en Brochette (7), Crab Cakes (7.50), Salmon Mousse (5.75) and Barbecued Shrimp (7.75). All with a bottle of Cava, Spanish Sparkling Wine. (27).

Then what? You know, I have had such a fun week, filled with people, but I’m a little tired. I think I want to go see Date Night, with Steve Carrell and Tina Fey. Because this is my date night, dammit, and Tina Fey is one of the things (well, people, actually) who makes me happiest. It’s playing at the AMC Westbank. Showtimes this weekend are: 11:20am  1:50  4:25  6:55  9:10  11:30pm.

Then, after that, I will probably get a wild hair and end up seeing at you at one of these crazy 2 am shows.


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David Sedaris

Tonight at 8, America’s preeminent humorist, David Sedaris will be at the Mahalia Jackson Theater for an evening of “engaging recollections and readings followed by a book signing.” He doesn’t smoke anymore, but I love this picture.

Seriously, I could listen to David Sedaris’ “engaging recollections” forever. I am having a delusional fantasy of  so dazzling him with my own wit over him signing my book, that he invites my husband and I to stay with him and his boyfriend Hugh, in France, and we all become best friends and eat brie and baguettes and just quip incisively back and forth for, like, ever…But, probably not. Most likely I’ll leave before the book signing, because  those things are awk-ward.

Tickets are still available, in the $50-$75 range with all the fees and such.

I think the best way to experience Sedaris’ work is to listen to him read it–which is why it is so exciting to be seeing him live! So, here is a link to him reading his stories on This American Life. Also, you can buy audible versions of his books. And, ’cause I just can’t get enough, here he is doing his thing on David Letterman some years back:

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Chaz Fest!

Today is one of my favorite days of the year in New Orleans. Chaz Fest! Five years ago local musician Alex McMurray and his wife, artist Kourtney Keller, decided to start a festival for local acts who were not playing Jazz Fest. They named it “Chaz Fest,” after another local musician Washboard Chaz.

The festival takes place at the Truck Farm, a communal backyard shared by several houses on St. Claude Avenue in the Bywater. There are two stages, with music from noon to 10pm.

On the the “Hard Liquor Mainstage”:

Meschiya Lake & the Little Big Horns – Noon

Schatzy – 1:15

Hot 8 Brass Band – 2:45

Debauche – 4:15

Matt Perrine & Sunflower City – 5:45

Brian Coogan Band – 7:30

Happy Talk Band – 9:00

And, on the “Bywater Juke Joint Side Stage”:

The Tom Paines – 12:45

Helen Gillet & Other Instruments – 2:00

My Graveyard Jaw – 3:45

The Geraniums – 5:05

Washboard Chaz Blues Trio – 6:35

Ratty Scurvics – 8:30

Also, there will be plenty of food and drink, including: crawfish bread, lemonade and watermelon agua fresca and coconut sorbet and bourbon and vodka, Shrimp tacos, Guacamole with chips, Espresso/Capp (iced or not), Shrimp Tostones, fried spring rolls, The Joint bbq – with a variety of sauces, vegetarian stew, carribean chorizo, carribbean chicken, Yuki Japanese food and sake, wheat grass.

Chaz Fest is kid-friendly, with a designated area for the little ones. Tickets are $30, which includes admission to the official after-party–which is not kid friendly–at the Saturn Bar, featuring R. Scully and the Rough Seven and Narcissy.

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Louisiana Music Factory In-Stores

Every year, in the middle of and around the Jazz Fest weekends, the Louisiana Music Factory brings in an amazing array of local musical acts for free, in-store shows. For instance, here is today’s line-up:

12: Lindsay Mendez

1: Washboard Rodeo

2: Bobby Rush

3: Garage a Trois

4: Trombone Shorty and Orleans Avenue

5: Big Chief Monk Boudreaux

6: Zeke Fishhead and Jolly House

7: Cyril Neville

Here is a link to the full schedule.

Also, the Louisiana Music Factory records and uploads these shows on youtube. Here’s their channel.

Support local retail!

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Morgan Spurlock at Tulane

This evening at 7, Morgan Spurlock is giving a lecture–which is what he is good at–at Tulane University.

Spurlock is best known for his documentary Super Size Me, in which he ate nothing but McDonalds for 30 days, in an attempt to highlight the negative health effects of fast food. He then went on to create the reality television show “30 Days,” in which he–and then later, other people,–would immerse himself in a lifestyle completely foreign to him, for instance, trying to live on minimum wage, or living in an “off the grid” community. It is sort of the thinking person’s “Wife Swap.”

I haven’t found any specifics as to what Spurlock will be lecturing about, but the event is supposed to be filmed for some sort of upcoming DVD project. McAlister Auditorium. 7-8:30.

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Jazz Fest Schmazz Fest. That entails way too much sunlight and human interaction for the truly nerdy among us. Luckily for us them  the NOLA Comic-Con is in full swing out at the Pontchatrain Center. They’ve got comics, toys, art. I wonder if they have any of those Japanese body pillows?

Continues until 6 today. $10.

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Film-O-Rama (and Patti Smith)

As I have said for the past couple of days: Jazz Fest is nearly upon us, and you don’t need me telling you what’s going on at the fairgrounds, or about the countless musical offerings around the city in conjunction with the festival. Instead, for the next few days (and next weekend), I am going to highlight some of the other things going on around town.

Starting last Thursday, and continuing through this Thursday, is the New Orleans Film Festival‘s Film-O-Rama at Prytania. “A week of films that can’t been seen anywhere else in New Orleans.” Here is today’s schedule:

Saturday, April 24
12:00PM The Third Man

2:30PM Vincere

5:00PM The Wild Child

7:00PM The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

10:00PM The Ghost Writer

And I know I wasn’t gonna post about music, but tonight is Patti Smith at Tipitina’s, 9pm, $25. That’s not to be missed. BTW, did you hear her interview on Fresh Air recently? God, I already loved her, and now love her more.

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