Crawfish Fest, in da Parish

In this, one of the most glorious times of the years in New Orleans, there are so many festivals going on, it can be difficult to choose. I’ve been highlighting the ongoing Tennessee Williams Literary Festival. Also, today in the French Quarter, is the New Orleans Roadfood Festival, featuring an array of regional cuisines set up on Royal Street. Also, a good choice would be the Freret Street Festival. (I think they’re going to try to get you buy a house). But, you know who really needs your attendance? Chalmette.

The Louisiana Crawfish Festival is under way all weekend, but today’s the day to go, IMHO. I was out in Chalmette yesterday, and as I drove through the excruciatingly slow progress in the Lower Ninth, and then past the trailers that house both the library and the only health clinic, it was very demoralizing. Then, as I was reaching the outskirts of town, I saw on the horizon a great big Ferris Wheel and a whole carnival, and there was something so poignant about that. The fest not only has a whole carnival, but also; live crawfish races, live music, a beauty pageant, arts & crafts, and food, food, food! It’s continuing today from noon to 11, and Sunday from noon to ten at the Frederick J. Sigur Civic Center. Admission is free.


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