Bach-ing Out

So, what are you doing all night tonight, all day tomorrow, and into tomorrow night? Well, for at least part of that time, you have to stop by Trinity Episcopal Church for the 12th annual “Bach Around the Clock.” From tonight at 7, until midnight tomorrow, an eclectic group of New Orleans performers will be bringing 29 continuous hours of Jo Seb. Here’s a link to the line-up. And, here is a delightful clip of Glen Gould playing Bach’s “Partita #2,” from the documentary The Art of the Piano.

Personally, I think the late night hours of this thing must be the most fun–like a totally weird slumber party. At some point, though, one will need to get away and find some late-night eats. It is really a shame that, since Katrina, New Orleans has never really bounced back to its old 24-hour glory. There are hardly any 24-hour food joints anymore. Here is a good list. So, if you want breakfast at 3 a.m., your best bet would be taking a little walk down to St. Charles Tavern. It’s recently under new ownership. And, every time I pass  by, it seems full of people, which is a good sign.


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