Downtown Irish Clubbing

So, there are St. Patrick’s Day parties going on all over the city. One could go back to Parasol’s, or over to Finn McCool’s. But, being a decidedly downtown gal, I’m going to go with the Downtown Irish Club Parade. It starts at 6:30, at Bud Rip’s. But, personally, I think first I’d spent the last sunny hour of this lovely day at Markey Park, heading in and out of Markey’s Bar.  At 5pm, St. Louis Slim and his Large Band will start playing out on the street in front of the bar; and listening to his great old-timey blues, while having a pint is the perfect place to wait for the parade.

The route is up Royal, all the way to the French Quarter, then over to Decatur and up to Canal, and then back again. The parade stops at all kinds of bars and pubs along the way, but with such a long parade route to be walked, you’ll surely walk off all those pints.

I love this photo, from Life Magazine, of the parade a couple of years ago.


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