St. Patrick’s Day Feast & a lot about Brussel Sprouts

It’s officially spring here in New Orleans. And it’s an absolutely perfect day to got to the Cresccent City Farmer’s Market. Someone called Woody Ruiz is cooking today. He’s serving up  blackened fish, shrimp or pork tacos with spicy remoulade sauce & coleslaw, vegan black beans with Cajun Grain brown jasmine rice, also, fried oysters, fried green tomatoes, gumbo z’herbes, stuffed bell peppers and sauteed Brussel sprouts with roasted almonds. Recently a Facebook friend posed the question, “Are Brussel sprouts the new trendy vegetable?” And then later that day I found myself in a super–hip pizza joint in Brooklyn called Roberta’s eating pizza that had Brussel sprouts on it, and I had to answer her, “Apparently, yes.” I have a theory, though, maybe we are all collectively deficient in Selenium. Probably, though, it’s more that people like to reclaim much-maligned foods and find ways to make them delicious. They’re kind of like that ugly adolescent kid who shows up after summer vacation all gorgeous. Well, I’ve been in love with Brussel sprouts for the last few years, and I like to scream this super-simple recipe from the rooftops.

I’ve got food on the brain today. With Saint Patrick’s Day being tomorrow, I’ve been hunting around for a really good Irish, Corned Beef feast recipe, and I found this epicurious article from a couple of years ago, complete with recipes for Corned Beef and Cabbage, Champ, Buttered Cabbage and Rhubarb Bread and Butter Pudding. Hopefully, we can find some of these ingredients at the market. And when you’re up there, you’re really close to Whole Foods, where they have high quality Corned Beef Briskets for sale.



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3 responses to “St. Patrick’s Day Feast & a lot about Brussel Sprouts

  1. Danielle

    Oh man do I wish I could go to the farmer’s market today!!! I really need to quit my day job… sometimes reading your blog is pure torture. I mean that in a good way…

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