Chaos and Noise

What a gloriously, beautiful day to get trashed in the Irish Channel. The annual St. Patrick’s Day parade should be starting any time now, and the block party will continue until 8 pm. Ground zero is Parasol’s, the Irish Channel’s enduring, neighborhood bar. After you have finished imbibing for the afternoon, make sure to grab one of their fabulous, roast beef poboys. And here’s a link to everything you ever wanted to know about said poboy, and more!

Hopefully you have taken a disco nap, and now are ready for phase two of your Saturday. Of course, the Foburg Festival is still going on. The beauty of this whole set-up is that you have bought a pass and can get into any of the venues, and they are all in close proximity, so you can just cruise the street and drop in anytime you like what you hear. Speaking of liking what you hear, also going on tonight is the Noisician Coalition‘s Cacophany Ball over at One-Eyed Jack’s. It is always one of my favorite moments when The Coalition and I cross paths at a festival, however I’m not sure I could sit in a room with them for more than maybe, half an hour. Still, that half hour would be worth it. They look like a cyberpunk deck of cards playing the hell out of the remnants of an explosion. Show at 10. Dress in white, red and black, $8.


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