Foburg and Bartlett (my new luxury brand)

So, today through Sunday is the inaugural Foburg Festival, an indie rock showcase which will be taking over Frenchmen Street. It’s a smart idea, in that it’s the week before South by Southwest in Austin, and it’s a good way to get a lot of up and coming bands, that are already out touring, to stop in New Orleans.

New Orleans isn’t much of an indie rock town, and, frankly, I am often glad of that. In indie rock towns (think Portland, OR) everyone seems to be 25, dead serious, and wouldn’t think of dancing, unless of course it was in some sort of ironic hipster way. In New Orleans, we just don’t take ourselves quite that seriously. That said! I’m sure there will be some great acts, that would not have otherwise come through town, and a whole bunch of awesome local folks will be performing. A pass to see all the shows is $25–a great deal. The clubs that are participating are: Dragon’s Den, Checkpoint Charlie’s, The Maison, Blue Nile, d.b.a., and R Bar, and there are nearly 100 acts!

But, today, before all that get over to the Ogden Museum, where from 6-8, will be an evening with Bo Bartlett.  His current show has been extended multiple times (I previously mentioned it here), and this evening will be a chance to hear him talk about his work.


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