Calling All Nerds!

Alright! We are all fired up and ready to garden! This is our year! We are going to get that yard beautiful, or at least presentable…

Today at Delgado’ City Park campus, the school’s horticultural club is having its GrowthWorks Plant Sale, which is said to include: house plants, landscape plants, herbs, gingers, small cacti and succulents. It’s from 9-2., today and tomorrow.

Now where my nerds at? Tonight at 7:30, at the Mahalia Jackson Theater, NPR presents “Wait Wait … Don’t Tell Me!”–the super-nerdy (and funny) weekly news quiz. Seriously, every episode boasts limericks. And, if I was just slightly nerdier, I would write one right now about “Wait, Wait” coming to New Orleans. What rhymes with Poundstone? Last I heard this thing was selling out fast. But come on, you’re a nerd, I’m sure you can call your man at WWNO to hook you up, or, if nothing else, scour Craig’s List. If that doesn’t work, just stay home and desperately try to be one of the callers that get through and play for a chance to win Carl Kasell‘s voice on your home answering machine! Isn’t that cute? Remember answering machines?


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