Walker Percy

It was in the few months after Katrina, when I was determined to stay in graduate school for English (I later dropped out), that I first read The Moviegoer. And for some reason, the first thing that comes to mind when I think of that book is the narrator’s obsession with women with big butts and legs. I think that speaks more to the strangeness of that time, than to the quality of that book, or my abilities as a reader. I know I enjoyed the book, and wrote a very good and long essay about it, but I can’t recall very much about it. Katrina amnesia. New Orleans’ (well, actually Covington‘s) own  Walker Percy was a complex man; a doctor, a Catholic convert, a semiotician (is that a word?), and very much a southerner.

In conjunction with the opening of Loyola University’s new Walker Percy Center for Writing and Publishing, tonight at 7, on the Loyola Campus, will be a few talks about Walker Percy, and excerpts from Walker Percy: A Documentary Film.


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