March Planting

Okay, so my yard still looks like this. And last month was way too cold to really getting anything going out there. But! I am resolved to start getting it together this month. It looks like the frigid temperatures are behind us, and after this wet mid-week, this weekend is looking perfect for gardening.

You know, I recently spent some time ruminating about whether it is worth it to garden. After this unusually cold winter with all these freezes that destroyed my friends’ gardens, I thought, “What’s the point?” And even if there aren’t freezes, everything eventually dies. And don’t even get me started on annuals, how depressing. But, then, I thought about how that is the nature of life and love, too, isn’t it? To everything a season, blahbity blah. So, I officially come down on the side of, “It is better to have gardened and lost, then to never have gardened at all.” So let’s pilfer from Dan Gill some more, shall we? You really should buy his book, Month to Month Gardening Louisiana.

Here are edible things to plant in March:






lima beans





snap beans

Southern peas

summer squash

Swiss chard


winter squash

(transplants of these things):







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2 responses to “March Planting

  1. lb0313

    Radishes are easy – grown in 24 – 26 days. And the first ones are so sweet. Slice them thinly, marinate in salt for a while, then put them on buttered white bread.for the sandwich of my youth.

    Swiss chard is also easy. I love fresh peas and beans but now your talking some work

  2. Nikki Page

    Having a plant exchange BBQ at my house sunday. The point is to divide or take cuttings from things that survived the freezes and trade them with other friend gardeners. Or, in addition, to share multipaks. I have a cuke, bell pepper and creole tomato seedlings if you need.

    will try to email you what else I have in case you are interested.

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