And Now Some Much-Needed Poetry

Good christ the Oscars were long this year! I don’t know if this return to 10 movies was a good idea. Also, I miss Hugh Jackman. He was fabulous last year–really injected a fresh energy to the whole thing. And don’t get me wrong, I adore Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin (it seems many women my age have some kind of weird, daddy crush on the latter), but it was not that great. Who directed the show this year? I blame that person. Probably the same person who directs the Kennedy Center Honors. Okay. I am now officially over the Oscars–which I am well aware is a big, shallow, corporate affair. Although it was nice to see Logorama win. It’s like the Academy is telling us it wants to not be a big bunch of sell-out corporate whores, but it doesn’t know how. And isn’t that how we all feel? Well, those of us who are liberals, but don’t choose to live off the grid, anyway…So, let’s take one last look at the best and worst dressed from last night, and then take a shower, and move onto more edifying fare.

Tonight at 7, Rita Dove, the former poet laureate of the United States (thank you very much) is presenting a reading at Tulane University, McAlister Auditorium. She is also signing her latest book of poetry, which I believe is Sonata Mulattica. Here’s the New York Times’ book review.


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