Sandy & a Shandy

I am officially done whining about the cold. It’s actually quite beautiful out there today, a little chilly, but clear, and sunny. How about a long, bike ride to warm us up?

We have two more Best Picture nominees to see, and one of them is playing on the Westbank. Now, assuming that you are coming from the Eastbank, how about riding down to the Algiers Ferry terminal and then taking the ferry over to the Eastbank? It is free way to ride the iconic Mississippi River, and standing at its bow–it’s not really a bow, but y’know, the part aimed West–and feeling the wind in your hair, is a great way to clear the mind.

Once you are over there, you’ve got a five mile bike ride to the AMC Palace Westbank theater. Here is the Google map for walking there, which is also bike-friendly. Have I even mentioned what we’re going to see? Sorry, it’s The Blind Side (show times today and tomorrow: 1:10  4:00  6:55  9:55pm). Alright, I’m sorry. I tricked you and lured you over here, because I was afraid you would be too cynical to go see the “feel good movie of the year.” But, maybe that’s exactly what you need after all these winter-time blues: some sunshine, some endorphins, a good cry, and that perky Sandy Bullock (as my friend’s elderly father calls her). Speaking of Sandy, I would put my money on her for Best Actress. I mean if you throw out Meryl Streep, who totally messes up the Bell Curve every time she acts, then Sandra Bullock is the sure winner. I was ready to be annoyed, but I absolutely loved her performance as a big-haired, McMansion-dwelling, nouveau-riche, Southern, Republican, football mom. It was complex and nuanced and respectful. I think this movie may do more to unite red state and blue state America than any reaching over the aisle Obama has thusfar attempted. (Keep trying buddy).

I can’t say this movie wasn’t entirely unproblematic for me, but more on that tomorrow when we talk about Precious–the last Best Picture contender for us to see.

You’re feeling good, the sun is still out, and you decide that your big, old bike ride has earned you a pint. And not a chintzy American pint, a big, old imperial pint. You head over (bike directions) to Algiers own English-style pub, The Crown and Anchor, for 20 ounces of good beer.

Take that winter-time blues!


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