Alright weather gods…seriously, enough already. I know, I know, we have very mild winters here compare to, like, Minnesota. But, I’m getting a little depressed. Look, I’m posting two hours late. And, I didn’t bother posting about the Tuesday Farmer’s Market. These are the Good Liver warning signs. By the way, did you read that article in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine about the benefits of depression? It was really interesting. Okay, okay. I’m going to stop sulking now. There was something I was looking forward too…What was it? Oh, yes, the Oscars! (Look, enthusiasm.) We are so close in our pursuit to see all ten of the Best Picture contenders. That is, if you drove to Houston yesterday–which would definitely be a Good Liver warning sign.

So, we’ve got one left on DVD, and two more that are playing in theaters. I’m thinking this crappy, cloudy, cold day is the day to stay home, don’t you? So, that means renting (or buying) District 9.

When you attach a name like Peter Jackson to a film, you set up certain expectations. I understand that he produced the movie–as opposed to writing it or directing it–but I guess I was expecting either a Claymation good time, or some seriously cutting-edge effects. And, seeing as how this film had a very small budget for its content, it does have some good effects. It’s a sci-fi movie set in South Africa, with a VERY obvious allegory about Apartheid–with aliens standing in for black Africans. The aliens look a little more like robots than organic matter, which made me think of another misunderstood cinematic creature.

Yes, halfway into the movie, I thought to myself, “This is like Cry Freedom meets Short Circuit.” See? The weather is crappy a little too long, and I start getting all mean to the Best Picture contenders. I will say that I like that the Academy is giving a nod to a small-budget, foreign, science fiction film. And, okay, is it wrong that the derogatory term that the Afrikaners use for the aliens–Prawns–made me hungry? Yes, this is a recipe segue.

How about some Prawn Chowder with Fennel? This is a very chowder-y day, and it’s an easy one-pot meal. Just go to the grocery store in your slippers.


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