Road Trip!

Have you been looking for an excuse to go to Cajun country? Well, I have. Lafayette is my second favorite city in Louisiana; and it’s been far too long since I’ve visited. I would not have thought that it would be experimental theater that would bring me there next, but life is full of surprises. Opening tonight is “Unbearable Lo*ely: a Tennesse Williams Mash-Up,” directed by Justin Zsebe. I guess that omitted letter would be an “n” and the word would be “lonely,” or maybe it’s a “v” and it’s supposed to be “lovely?” Or both? Anywho, the show is at 8, and at least partially outdoors, so dress warmly. It runs Thursdays-Saturdays at 8, through March 13th.

It would be a big waste to drive all the way to Acadiana and not pick up some boudin. There are literally hundreds of places claiming to have the best boudin, and for Louisianans the topic is nearly as contentious as barbecue is to the rest of the South. Luckily, Boudin Link is trying to catalogue, rate and generally sort out the chaos. Check out their amazing interactive Google Map of every place that has, like, ever served boudin. Out of the gillions of A+ rated options, I’m going to go with Johnson’s Boucaniere. (And I’m gonna lob this bomb over my masthead: I think Best Stop is totally overrated. I’m trying to generate some controversy people, I hear that’s good for one’s blog). So, yeah, you get hot boudin on Saturdays, this we’re taking cold and putting in a cooler and saving for another day.

Now let’s eat. Old Tyme Grocery claims that it gives any New Orleans po-boy a run for it’s money. (Wow. I’m really stirring the pot today, huh?) Why don’t we see how they stack up? You can’t compare apples and oranges, or more literally, shrimp and roast beef. So, on my first visit to a po-boy shop, I always have a fried shrimp poboy, the “vanilla” of po-boys, if you will. And they’re open pretty late!

So, now the play is over, and we feel like hanging with the locals and hearing some music. And we’re right by the Blue Moon Saloon, one of the most charming venues in existence. It’s semi-outdoors, and watching a band there is sort of like seeing a show on somebody’s back porch, if that somebody had a full bar and excellent taste in booking music. I hope the band is still playing when we get over there, as they also start at 8. Tonight is Big Sandy and his Fly-Rite Boys doing real-deal rockabilly.

Now, if you’re all tuckered out, or if you had one too may pints with the band–’cause you would so do that–and don’t feel like driving back tonight, you can just pop in to the front desk and get you a room, because the Blue Moon is also an adorable guest house! Awesome, I know.


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  1. Hello,

    Thanks so much for your kind words about my wifes Restaurany (Johnson’s Boucaniere). Please let us know next time when you are in town so we can meet you. Spot on about The Blue Moon Saloon also. The band that I play with (The Canes) often play there and nothin like dancing at the Moon on a Saturday night. Once again thanks for your kind comments as I cant wait to show my father-in-law Wallace Johnson your write up.

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