Banh Mi and the Na’Vi

There’s still a little time to make over to the Tuesday Crescent City Farmer’s Market, 11-1. Today’s Green plate Special is from guest chef Ann Churchill (Karma Kitchen) and it sounds perfect for a hazy, chilly day like today: Roasted root vegetable tortilla soup, beef tongue tacos, and hot Mexican chocolate. Yum. That Mexican hot chocolate is so good–and since we are probably at the tale end of our cold weather–let’s make some at home.

Since, we’re trying to to see all the Oscar nominated movies, and since we need to get some groceries at the market, it seems time to revisit one of my earliest posts. We’ll get as many ingredients as we can find for the Banh Mi sandwiches at the farmer’s market, and the rest when we go Westbank Bound. (The only outdated info after the jump: no more eggnog daiquiris, boo).


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