Up & Up in the Air

Okay, we have a little less than two weeks until the Oscars, and, unlike New York and Los Angeles, we are not a market where every nominated movie is readily available on the big screen. But, with a little ingenuity, we will be able to see all the best picture nominees (well, most of them, but it really depends on your level of commitment!) before Sunday, March 7th.

Of a first priority are movies that are still in theaters–but not necessarily for long–and which will also not be released on video until after the Oscars.

Up in the Air, the film that was supposed to offer us a look into commitment-phobe George Clooney‘s soul, is still playing at the AMC Elmwood in Harahan. This is the latest feature film from Jason Reitman, who brought us the uneven but promising, Thank You For Smoking and the consummately watchable, albeit precious, Juno. Up in the Air is a subtle, mature, beautifully written and directed film that gives a glimpse into the charming and aloof Clooney, but moreover, our own disconnected, modern selves.–Now, at the risk of sounding like a seriously cranky-pants old lady, when I went and saw the movie, it was out of focus. I alerted the staff, and I was told it couldn’t be fixed. Then I saw on Google comments that someone who goes there a lot says 70% of the movies there are out of focus. My date, who has less than perfect eyesight, didn’t seem to mind. But, I stuck it out, you know why? Commitment! Get it? Showtimes are 1:55, 4:40, 7:20 & 10:05pm through Thursday, and beyond that, I can’t make any promises.

One of the other best picture nominees, the animated, Pixar film Up, is only available on DVD. It’s not on Amazon on Demand (one of my favorite things), but you can buy it from Amazon (and then keep it if you love it, or,  just, like, re-gift it to a kid) or put it in your Netflix queue. I’m just saying, get on this now, because it’s not instantly available anywhere. Up is a charming, beautiful-to-look-at movie, like all Pixar movies. It’s not quite Wall-E, but within the film is a little mini-movie about a life-long relationship, which made this jaded cinephile (and her husband) cry in a crowded movie theater, crammed with little kids. And, dare I make a pat comparison, interesting to consider at the same time as Up in the Air, another movie about an alienated, sky-bound man, albeit for entirely different reasons.


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