A Second-Line and a Song

So, I didn’t recommend going to the “Bury the Aint’s” parade yesterday because, frankly, I’m over the football people. But, I ended up there against my will, and it was really something else. My favorite moment was watching it through the eyes of some out-of-towners who happened to be sitting in the bar where I work, and the whole thing just erupted around them and they had no idea what was going on. They looked like kids on Christmas morning. So, I’m going to stop being a spoil sport and recommend some parading for today. From 12-4 is the Treme Sidewalk Steppers Second-Line and I couldn’t pitch it any better than the post about it in the Blog of New Orleans.

Your all revved up, and full of community spirit. Now keep your cynic in the closet, and go over to the Ashe Cultural Arts Center and sing your little heart out. I’ll repost the blurb from their blog:
On Sunday, February 21, 2010, from 4-6 p.m., the community is invited to gather for a sing-along, led by local vocalists. Given the success of, and community involvement in the Lift Every Voice and Sing Concert in January, Ashé Cultural Arts Center will host A Community Sings. Producer Michaela Harrison calls it an opportunity for reconnecting with friends and family in a positive and fun way. It gives individuals a chance to forget about their problems, leave their stressors behind, meet new people, and just sing. Participants are encouraged to share one or two of their favorite songs, and hear them come alive when the entire group gets involved in the crooning. If you plan to share a song, please e-mail the lyrics to Michaela Harrison by February 18 at irawoomi@hotmail.com so that they can be projected during the sing-along. Bring a notebook to write down the words so that you can keep singing and sharing them when you go home.


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