Believe it, or Not

There are two events around mid-day today that interest me, and they are almost diametrically opposed in content. The silly part of me really wants to go the Psychic Fun Fair. It starts at 11am at the House of Broel, a Victorian mansion on St. Charles Avenue that houses a doll house museum (!) and, apparently, is also a popular place for weddings. The Psychic Fun Fair features readings with over a dozen psychics, including National Enquirer columnist Maria Shaw (!) $10. Now, if you’re going to this with a recently engaged girlfriend who is scoping out places for her wedding, DO NOT let her get a reading about her husband to be or anything crazy like that. If you do, I see a meltdown in your future.

Now, the deadly serious part of me wants to go over to Audubon Zoo, where the New Orleans Secular Humanist Association is giving a lecture entitled, “Back to the Future: The Louisiana Science Education Act of 2008,” at 2 p.m. in the Dominion Auditorium. It’s important for the rational among us to gather and meet and make sure the world doesn’t turn into Mike Judge’s vision in Idiocracy.

Or we can scrap all this grappling with the larger concepts and head over to City Park Botanical Gardens (which, btw, is another great spot for a wedding) for “The Tidy Garden: Garden Chores and Pest Control,” which is part of a series on creating sustainable gardens. You need to preregister, so call 864-2009 to see if there are any spots left for 12:30 p.m. Lord knows I need the help.



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2 responses to “Believe it, or Not

  1. Today is also the Tet (Vietnamese New Year) Festival in New Orleans East! It’s at Mary Queen of Viet Nam Church, 14001 Dwyer Blvd
    New Orleans, LA 70129. Night time is the best time.

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