Mardi Gras, yo. You can make it one more day.

Maybe you’re up bright and early, or more likely, you’ve been up all night and you don’t want the party end. Well, if you are in the latter category you don’t need my help figuring out what to do today. You are a real partier, and you’re definitely not web-surfing (do the kids still call it that?) at 8 am, someone has already dragged you to Mimi’s, where you’re waiting for the Society of Saint Anne marching club to assemble. Which will look something like this:

Just give yourself over to the tide. Theoretically, the goal of St. Anne is to be a marching club that takes its members to see Rex, the king of Carnival. But, along the way, St. Anne takes her children through the French Quarter, where most of them get lost. A little too close to home, huh? See, you’re not even listening to me anymore.

Have fun!!!


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