Just Another Manic Lundi

Lundi Gras y’all.

This marathon year of a carnival season is almost over, and everyone I know is sick. Between the non-stop Saints party leading into Mardi Gras, and the frigid temps, we’re all worn down to a nub. If you’re one of the lucky ones who feels well enough to make a day out of it, there’s quite a mixed bag of things to do in the French Quarter today.

After the morning parades, make your way to the Louisiana Music Factory where, at 2pm, poet/revolutionary/felon (well, actually that got changed to a misdemeanor thanks to Abbie Hoffman and others) John Sinclair and his friend, local musician Carlo Ditta, will be putting on some sort of show involving music and poetry. John Sinclair is a living legend: a Detroit poet, former leader of the White Panthers, one-time manager of the MC-5, etc. Free. You should be so lucky.

Now, let’s pull a 180, well, maybe not a 180, more like a 90. Make your way a little further into the French Quarter, where, from 3-8, at Ellie Monster Vintage and Recreated Western Wear will be “Le Chantes Cowboy Soiree,” which translates (roughly) to “Singing Cowboy Party,” featuring real-live rodeo cowboy and guest star on HBO’s Deadwood, Monty “Hawkeye” Henson. Yee-Haw. Oh, and pick yourself up an awesome cowboy shirt. I believe this is a photograph of a cardboard cut-out of Hawkeye. How meta.

At some point around 5 or 6, you could sneak away from the hoedown and head over to Woldenberg Park to watch the arrival of the courts of Rex and Zulu. It is the appropriate thing to do on Lundi Gras, afterall. There is something very monarchist and classist about this whole charade though, I’m not entirely sure John Sinclair would approve. Or, he’d tell you to get your head out of your @$$ and have a good time.

So, you’ve gone home and had a disco nap, and you’re wondering which of the many, amazing dance parties going on in this city you are going to grace with your presence. This one of the biggest party nights of the year, if not THE biggest party night of the year; and, after much thoughtful consideration, you’ve decided to head over to The Saint where Soul Sister is putting on “Lundi Gras Lowdown!” featuring Soul Sister, J Logic, Ronnie Reese & Brice Nice. 10pm-’til. Free yo!


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