A slightly creepy V-day date…

Since we’ve already had our Valentine’s Day dinner date, the pressure is off. Speaking of the pressure being off, if you are spending V-Day with your romantic partner I suggest, ahem, reordering your day’s itinerary. The way most of us do things is have dinner and drinks, and maybe go see a show or something, and maybe have more drinks, and then finally get home and you’re way too tired for, you know, what couples are supposed to do on V-Day. My favorite sex and relationship advice columnist Dan Savage broached this in his last podcast. We’re all adults here, I’m just gonna come out and say it. Do it earlier in the day. But not yet.

First some brunch. Cafe Degas is open for brunch from 10:30-3. I recommend going relatively early to beat the rush, and because they often run out of my favorite stuff. The Grillades and Grits (veal cutlets with creole gravy, peppers, tomatoes and organic stone ground grits) ($15) are a delicious and hearty choice, while La Crepe au Crab, Sauce Hollandaise (jumbo lump crabmeat, wild mushrooms, asparagus) ($15) has been your object of desire for the last 24 hours. Some mimosas and it’s time for you two to go home and, ahem, take a nap.

You’re all rested up and it’s time to go out again. Over at One-Eyed Jacks, Fleur de Tease, New Orleans’ own premier burlesque troupe is putting on a Valentine’s Day themed show, 7pm, $15.

Their shows are always fun and adorable and a little sexy, but, I’m wondering, is it creepy for couples to go to burlesque shows together? Does it mean that all the passion is gone? Is it just the gateway drug to swinging? Please help me decide:

Okay. So that’s over. Now it’s over to the Hookah where The Second Annual Sissy Bounce Sweetheart’s Ball featuring Katey Red, Big Freedia, Sissy Nobby , DJ Rusty Lazer, DJ D. Lefty Parker and Vocka Redu, (10pm, $15) will be the best party in town. Some footage from last year:

Now you can go home and crash out, and not worry that your relationship is in trouble.


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