Early V-day

So, as of this posting, the parades are still on for tonight. Muses will now roll at 8:00 pm, along the traditional parade route. Here’s the skinny.

Since the parade is rolling so late, you’ve got some time this evening. And, since you’ve learned–the hard way–that Valentine’s Day is a crappy night to eat out (e.g. special ‘turn and burn’ prix fixe menus, passive-aggressive couples seated next to you all glassy-eyed drunk and miserable, etc.) you decide to have your romantic Valentine’s Day dinner tonight, and then go watch Muses, a most romantic parade, around 9 or so. I know V-day is crap, but, c’mon, any excuse to have a fancy dinner with someone you love…and, I mean, make it your own. One of my favorite Valentines ever was a card made from Nan Goldin‘s photograph, “Heart-Shaped Bruise.”

How about one of my favorite restaurants in New Orleans?– Lilette.

Start with marinated Spanish anchovies with stewed onions and basil bruschetta ($9.50) and a raw salad of Brussel sprout, beet, onion, fennel, carrot, arugula, hazelnut and Banyuls vinaigrette ($9.50). Then, because someone has to, your date opts for the fried Kurobuta pork belly with a salad of melon, sweet onion, cucumber, peashoots and herbs ($24), while, on a cold night like this, you can’t resist a warm bowl of Bouillabaisse with lobster, scallop, cod, shrimp, clams, mussels, and Alaskan King crab claw in a saffron-lobster broth with a rouille crouton ($37). Enjoy with a bottle of Zefiro Prosecco ($36). And, since it’s V-Day, dessert is in order. How about you share Quenelles of goat cheese creme fraiche with poached pears, pistachios and lavender honey ($8.50) with a glass of Royal Tokaji Hungarian dessert wine and an espresso.

Now, you’re full, and ready to watch Muses. Try to mash yourself into the crowd by Circle Bar, because after the parades are passed, at 10, the Action Action Reaction indie dance party starts–which will be sexy, good fun for about an hour, until you realize you are way too old for indie dance parties.


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