B-52s & Julie Andrews

Well, what the heck do we do now? The Saints have occupied such a large part of our lives for many months now. What can possibly fill that hole? Yes, it is Mardi Gras, and there are parades and all sorts of fun to be had. But there are a bunch of Sundays coming up here where a lot of us will be like wind-up robots, running into walls, saying “who dat, who dat, who dat,” mechanically and spastically waving our arms, not knowing what to do with ourselves.

Well, some of us, anyhow. Being a “new dat,” and having previously held tastes more akin to a gay man; I am pouring all of my Saints fervor into *THE OS-CARS*! So, for the next few Sundays, I’ll be watching as many of the nominees as I can. I’ll be posting my opinions, and also a guide to where in the greater New Orleans area one can catch these flicks. Of course, the year I decide to be a half-assed movie critic is the year the academy switches from 5 best pictiure nominees to 10. But, I’ll do my best.

Speaking of having tastes akin to a gay man…Today at noon, Prytania is showing what I believe is the last in the series of classic movie matinees they’ve been showing this winter. Today is Victor, Victoria (a very appropriate Mardi Gras pick, with all the cross-dressing). Julie Andrews plays a classically trained soprano who can’t find work, so she pretends to be man impersonating a woman. Can I just say that when I first saw this incarnation of Julie Andrews it was a little hard for the little girl in me who idolized Fraulein Maria and Mary Poppins? I guess good girls eventually go bad. Me and Julie Andrews included.

And, if that wasn’t campy enough for you, tonight at House of Blues, the B52’s are playing! Bee-hives, false eyelashes, folks lining up outside just to get down! Man, Megan, Zoe and I killed it in the middle school talent show with our version of “Love Shack:”. I know that makes some people feel old; I also realize it makes others realize that I am old. Doors at 7. $50 (!).


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