Puppies! Oh, and some game…

I wish there were (or is it was instead of were? Where’s my Guide to Style?) something going on today…Well, I ruined that joke with grammar nerdery.

Presumably, by now you know where you’ll be at 5:25 today. You could be here, or here, or maybe even here, or you decided to stay home and do this. Regardless, if you are in New Orleans, you are watching the Super Bowl; you have no choice. Also, I recommend not going into labor, or having a heart attack, or setting your house on fire, because you will be sh!t outta luck– everything is going to come to a grinding halt in this city until some time around 9pm.

But, before all that, today at 1 (they made it an hour earlier because of the game), rolls one of my favorite Mardi Gras parades, Barkus! Usually you sneer when you see people fussing over adorable little designer dogs, and putting them in outfits. But for some reason when hundreds of people do this all at once, and put on a parade, it turns into the cutest thing ever. (And it’s not just designer dogs, the queen is always a rescue dog, and the money goes to animal welfare organizations). So stake out a spot over on Chartres by Jackson Square, and bask in the cute.

Speaking of puppies! From 2-4 (I think) is Puppy Bowl VI on Animal Planet. It’s freaking adorable, and if some uber-fan guy rolls his eyes and wants to watch all the ESPN pre-game drivel, tell him that we’ve heard enough speculation, and that it’s not your fault that you’re ovulating, and demand your right to watch adorable puppies!

Puppy Bowl always makes me think of one of my favorite This American Life episodes about, you guessed it, puppies, and of course something larger and expansive and emblematic of the human condition.

Speaking of the human condition, whether we win or lose, it’s how we played the…blah, blah, blah, let’s get some Bloody Marys and head over to Barkus!


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