Super Bowl Menu

Did you vote yet? If you haven’t, read no further…

Okay, you did. Awesome. Let’s get ready for tomorrow.

Can you feel it in the air? The Super Bowl frenzy is in full swing. Yes, even queer progressives have it! Did you see Rachel Maddow here last night? I could wax poetic about how much more than football this whole Saints thing is, but I couldn’t put any better than this.

For tomorrow, I’m thinking: make some great food, watch the game at home, and, after it’s over, head out and celebrate. How about traditional football food, but with an Asian inspiration? I have culled a menu, along these lines, from all over the internets: Sesame Chicken Wings, Ginger and Honey Baby Back Ribs, Asian Bloody Marys, Spring Rolls, Sesame Rice Crackers with Edamame Dip, and Mochi Ice Cream.

So, first stop is Whole Foods, where one day a month (which is today), from 10-2, they accept “e-waste” and paint, which they dispose of responsibly. Now you can finally recycle that loafer-sized cell phone that’s been sitting in your desk drawer for six years. And, if you’ve been wondering where to order a vegan King Cake, look no further. Speaking of King Cakes, for those of you who are serious about your sweets, SoFab is having a history of the King Cake lecture today from 2-4.

Today is also the monthly Freret Street Market, 12-5. It boasts of being “New Orleans most interesting market.”  It is farmer’s market, art market and flea market all rolled into one. So there you go, finish up any grocery shopping, listen to some music, and buy some old junk. I also hear a rumor that someone is selling beautiful, handmade valentines. Not like this one neccessarily; this is just a Victorian card I like. It says, “I ask this boon in friendships name, will you be my Valentine?”

Tell yourself you need to more shopping, if you need an excuse to head down to the French Market where from 11:30-3:30 the Super Bowl Second Line and pep rally commence. And the party starts…NOW.



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3 responses to “Super Bowl Menu

  1. Love that Bloody Mary! I have been infusing horseradish in vodka this week. Eagerly awaiting tomorrow’s mid-day treat! Go Saints!

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  3. I am glad that you liked my Saints story. Thanks for the link.

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