Election Eve in the Lower 9

Let’s spend this election eve in the Lower Ninth, it might help get our priorities in order. (There’s a party at the end of this post, I promise). First, take a stop by Global Green‘s “Model Green House”–an alternative-energy powered house built specifically to withstand our climate’s unique challenges. It is open 11-4 Monday, and 10-1 Friday. Here’s a map.

Next, cruise over to what are referred to as the “Brad Pitt houses.” His organization, Make It Right, has set to building 150 homes in the Lower Ninth. On their website, you can track the progress of the homes being built, and they provide a great map to show where the homes are.

From 4-10, the Lower Ninth Ward Village is hosting their “Pre-Vote GetDown and Second Anniversary Fundraiser.” This is how they describe themselves:

The Lower 9th Ward Village is a community-driven, community-led, nonprofit based in the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans, Louisiana. The main goal of the Village is to bring together the entire Lower 9th Ward and to empower community members to be self-sufficient and to sustain an equitable quality of life. The Village focuses on connecting the elderly and youth with services and providing care and guidance from the community as a whole. It takes a village…Here’s a map.

Oh, and apparently they also know how to party, because the GetDown consists of soul food, Mardi Gras Indians performing, fire spinners and musical guests including Bill Summers–who, these days, is more of a Latin percussionist, but also made some legendary old-school funk. $20 suggested donation, adults. $5 kids.


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