Glitter, Udon and Chansons

So you are knee-deep in making your Mardi Gras costume, when you say to yourself, “You know what this ensemble needs? Some glittery screen-printing.” And, lo and behold, tonight at Louisiana ArtWorks (6-9) is “Printing with Glitter! (their emphasis) with Meg Turner.” I’ll reprint the relevant details here:

How do you make a print look so amazing you wish it was food so you could eat it??? Add glittter! this one-day workshop goes through the basics of exposing a screen and printing a color, but with the added twist of printing with sparkly awesomeness. warning: you will leave covered in glitter, and any place you take those prints will leave a trail of fairy dust.

Provided: Screens, proof Paper, Basic Inks and Glitter
Bring: a drawing on acetate or a photocopy to coat with oil. fancy paper if you want it.
For Purchase: Rives BFK or Japanese Washi or Neenah Duplex Paper.

All that screen-printing has got you hungry. That Japanese paper you bought got you thinking about Japanese food. But, sushi smooshi. How about Yuki Izakaya? An Izakaya is a sort of Japanese pub, which serves Japanese pub food–in other words, food actual Japanese people eat. There are some things on the menu that are a little too authentic for most Western palates, but that’s okay, that stuff is there for the Japanese ex-pats that you often see in Yuki. For the rest of us, the Takoyaki (Octopus Dumplings) ($8) is a great way to start. Then, a bowl of Kitsune Udon ($9), accompanied by a bottle of Ozeki Nigori Sake ($12).

They also have an assortment of Shochu, a Japanese distilled spirit that most closely resembles Vodka. And, can I just mention for a second how cool this place is? This is one of the hippest, little spots in New Orleans, with DJs spinning, and Samurai movies projected on to the brick walls, and a huge gang of those good luck cats on top of the beautiful bar.

And! Tonight and most Thursdays, Wazozo, led by New Orleans’ favorite Walloon, Helen Gillet, plays from 8-’til. One wonderful product of globalization is being able to eat authentic Japanese food while listening to authentic chansons et musettes.


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  1. lb0313

    That noodle bowl looks way too much like the survival noodle take out from the 7-11 in Yokosuka Steve bought for us each night after work……

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