Reverse Gaslighting

What? I already posted today. Don’t you remember? It was a fabulously entertaining and informative read. What’s wrong with you?

Psych! I’m gaslighting you.

Today at noon, Prytania is showing Gaslight, the George Cukor classic starring Ingrid Bergman and Charles Boyer.

It’s the twisted, turn of the century tale of psychological abuse that not only entertains, but also forms a cornerstone of feminist film theory!

After the movie, you’re thinking about tonight’s dinner. But, maybe you don’t want to cook dinner. Maybe you just want to buy yourself a fancy lunch right down the street there at St. James Cheese Company and have it all to yourself, and screw dinner, and the men who want it. You can’t resist the Ploughman’s Lunch of cheddar, stilton, and goat cheeses with housemade pork pie, chutney, small green salad and hearty bread ($14.50). But, when you order it, you ask for the “Plough-Wo-man’s Lunch.”

And later on, when you are asked ‘what’s for dinner’ you can say innocently, “What are you talking about? I already made you dinner, honey. Remember? It was delicious.” Then go snack on the rest of your cheese.


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