Altered States

A few years ago, I had the distinct mindf*ck pleasure of bartending the New Orleans Radical Faeries‘ Annual Saint Brigid Ball. To this day, I am still not sure I can sum up what happened. Firstly, they completely transformed the club into an unrecognizable space. Then, the place filled with exceedingly attractive men who were dressed in the most bizarre and intricate costumes one can find during Mardi Gras. Then a voodoo priestess came out and did a very long, intense, and involved ritual. Then everything started to get REALLY strange. (Also, I’m not saying, I’m just saying, I have a feeling that there might have been a chemically-induced mass experience going on). Now, I still don’t know if I was drugged, or what. I do know that the other bartender and I had to take trips out of the room to reconnect with reality. I don’t know if this sounds like a good time to you, or not. All I can say is: I’ve been invited to (and worked) some serious parties in my day, and I’ve never had an experience quite like that one. The new location for the Radical Faeries’ Ball is the Allways Lounge–a much smaller space than its old location, so even more intimate, I imagine. Wow. It’s listed as running from 7p-5a (!), and the theme is : “clowns only luau,”  colors: rainbows and polka dots. I am speechless.

If you cut out of there before too late, there’s time to catch Girls (with Magic Kids and The Smith Westerns, $12) over at One-Eyed Jacks. Apparently, they’re the cool kid band from San Francisco du jour. This video is EXACTLY what the last party I went to in San Francisco was like (god, like 8 years ago?). Everyone was art school damaged, and there was meth, ewww. I became sort of depressed watching it. But the music is good.


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  1. The music was nice thank you, “Everyone was art school damaged” good one! Clark

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