Civic Duty

Alright, let’s get serious here for a second folks. I know this blog is about culture, food, arts & leisure, but, today I feel inclined to point out that Saturday is the mayoral election (among other elections); and that it is easy to forget how important that is, in the whirlwind of this incredible Saints season and Mardi Gras. This being a slow event day, I am spending it figuring out how I am going to vote on Saturday.

Firstly, if you don’t already know, you need to know where to vote. will take you directly to the Louisiana Secretary of State’s website, where you can enter your name (if you are registered to vote), or your address, and the site will tell you what your ward and precinct are, and where your polling place is. Also, based on what district you live in, the site will generate a copy of your actual ballot, which you can fill out ahead of time and take with you to the polls. I wish my polling place were this nicely lit.

So, now that you know where and what, you need to figure out how to vote, or do I mean who? Ah, heck, you know what I mean. Gambit Weekly just published its endorsements. The Times-Picayune is slowly revealing its, as well. The League of Women Voters website has transcripts from lengthy interviews with most of the candidates. Also, tonight is the last of The League of Women Voters Mayoral Forums, this one is about housing and transportaion, which is obviously really important in post-K New Orleans. It’s from 7-9 at Our Lady of Holy Cross College, Moreau Center.

Speaking of getting involved, also from 7-9 tonight, is Ignite NOLA, at The Roosevelt Hotel. The “Ignite” series is a sort of rapid-fire, innovative business idea pitch-a-thon that happens in cities all over the country. The idea is to cut through all of the endless meetings, and to get your idea out there. Their motto is “Enlighten Us, But Make it Quick.”Lord knows New Orleans needs innovation and investment, but I’m curious to see how well this “make it quick” thing goes over in this town. Oh, and there’s food. And drink.

After you have it all figured out, tomorrow at 1pm you can go to the Prytania Theatre to watch Nagin: The Musical ($15). You can laugh and relax, knowing that regardless the outcome, this joker is no longer going to be mayor.


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