Getting Crafty

It’s officially time to start thinking about a Mardi Gras costume. Personally, I like some mix of homemade and acquired in my ensembles. Let’s return to the scene of the crime (too much Krewe du Vieux fun) on Frenchmen Street, and get ourselves bedecked. From 12-5 the NOLA Designer Costume Bazaar will be open for business in the Blue Nile nightclub space.

So, hopefully you’ve found that item you’re going to build your costume around. Now, let’s get crafty! There are great deals to be found at the Hancock Fabrics in Gretna. Don’t forget notions. I just wanted to say that word, notions.

If, in the midst of all this craftiness, you find that your mind is calmer than it’s been in years, and you realize that you could save oodles on therapy if you just zenned out while making stuff, then why don’t you join the Needle Junkies? They are a group of knitters who meet from 7pm-9pm on Sundays at Three-Ring Circus, Big Top Gallery.



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