In these trying economic times, certain luxuries are the first to go–Italian dessert liquers, for example. Luckily, the folks over at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, SoFAB, are having a “Frugal Pantry Series,” and today it’s learn to make your own limoncello. I’m not sure if this class is even legal, but, hey, if Danny DeVito can do it, why can’t you? $10, 2-4.

Now that you are armed with your homemade hooch, you’re almost ready for Krewe du Vieux. First though, you need to lay a proper foundation for tonight’s revelry. Head down to Frenchmen Street, and stop in at Frenchmen Deli and order a shrimp po boy. It’s really cheap, like $5 for a decent-size sandwich–and good! Eat half now, and save half for later.

Okay, we’re ready. Now, a lot of people will stay on Frenchmen to watch the parade. But, I recommend heading down to Mimi’s in the Marigny, at around 6:30, and staking out a spot around there. This year’s Krewe du Vieux theme is “Fire it Up.” Apparently they had a fire at their headquarters this year. I am curious to see what else they do with their theme. Remember “Stimulus Package?” They were way ahead of everyone else on figuring out how much fun could be had with those words. I kind of wish the ipad had come out a little earlier…

Now, there are some tough choices to be made. I am going to go with the Jonathan Richman (Modern Lovers!) early show over at One-Eyed Jack’s, 8pm, $12, instead of  Exene Cervenka (X!) at House of Blues, 8pm, $13.50. Wow. That make anyone feel old? That the proto-punk/punk rockers are now playing the equivalent of rock n’ roll matinees?

Of course, you could scrap all that and just go see the MONSTER JAM, MONSTER TRUCK SHOW at the SUPERDOME!!!


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