Who You Calling a Drunken Shrimp?

After last week’s expedition to go grocery shopping downtown, we’ve decided to make the time today to go to the Crescent City Farmer’s Market. The folks who used to run Gabrielle are cooking today, specifically: vegetarian chili with jalapeno cornbread, angry shrimp with rice, pulled BBQ pork sandwiches, and honey pecan pie bars. I’m not sure what “angry shrimp” are, maybe like the next stage after drunken shrimp? But, my curiosity is peaked. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a pulled pork sandwich.

That “drunken shrimp” comment got me thinking. I thought I knew what that means, but it turns I don’t. Apparently, it is an Asian dish that consists of stunning live shrimp by submerging them in liquor, and then eating them semi-alive. Although, I would totally eat that on a dare; I don’t really feel like preparing that tonight. (BTW, I’m pretty sure those shrimp would be both drunk and angry when they went out.) Another search for drunken shrimp produced this recipe from the Food Network show Down Home with the Neely’s. Do you ever watch that show? It’s totally cornball, like most Food Network programming, but I love this couple. They’re  pukey in love, with this gorgeous kitchen (I know it’s a set, but I like the illusion), and they just do home cooking, goof around, and nuzzle each other. I totally want to be The Neely’s.

After your delicious dinner, head over to The Bridge Lounge, where on Tuesday nights at 8, it is trivia night. This is not the R.C. Bridge Lounge of yore, with G.G. Allin rolling around in broken glass, oh no, this place is straight-up swanky now. There is a $5 entrance fee for the quiz, a small price to pay to know that for the rest of the evening you will be in the company of fellow nerds who will not be repelled by your mastery of minutiae. Oh, and they have great wine.


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