Northshore Bound

Now, I’m taking a gamble that the weather is going to hold, and we’re not going to get rained out of our little Northshore expedition. We really should leave soon, so there’s not time to wait and see if it starts raining. First stop is the Covington Famer’s Market. Saturday (9-1) and Wednesday (10-2). This is a GREAT farmer’s market. Check out their website to see all the fabulous stuff they they have. It’s too much to list here. It certainly gives any Southshore market a run for it’s money. And, we’re in luck, it’s open rain or shine.

Next head over to Fountainebleau State Park in Mandeville. You can sit at the shore of Lake Pontchatrain and snack on your farmer’s market spoils, uh, bad word choice. Anyway, after you’re done eating and taking one of the walking trails, it’s time to go to the rendez-vous point, where, at 3, a park ranger is going to take you and your fellow ornophiles on a viewing of the park’s eagle’s nest! Anybody else think that sounds awesome? Anybody? Well, I do! Now get going; there isn’t a lot of time. We’ll talk about this evening later.


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