It started out so wholesome…

Days like today almost seem unfair to the rest of the country. Here it January, and it is sunny, clear, t-shirt weather. But, you know, we get this because we have to suffer summer–the tremendous bummer that is six months of grueling heat. The best description I ever heard of summer in New Orleans is “it’s like living in a dog’s mouth.” But why dwell on that? It is today, and today is beautiful. Let’s get out and enjoy it!

You know what I’ve been meaning to do? Buy a canoe. A little look around the internets just told me that you can buy new inflatable ones for as cheap as $250. Or, if you’re patient you can scan Craig’s List for a while until you find a real one for next to nothing. Then, when you get said canoe, head out to Bayou St. John, and, well, start paddling. Or, hell, just do it virtually with these guys.

When you’re done with your canoe trip, you’re in the neighborhood, why not head over and get your first ice cream cone of 2010, at Brocato’s? Actually, you go ahead and get a cone; I’m gonna be old school and get a hunk of spumoni.

Let’s continue with this wholesome theme. Canoeing on a sunny day, ice cream, now how about some puppies and kitties? Over at Zeitgeist, at 7:30 they’re showing Mine, a documentary about people being reunited with their pets after Katrina. If you’ve been needing a good cry, and you need that thing to push you over the edge, I have a feeling this is it. Apparently, the film did really well on the festival circuit this last year.

And here is where the day’s wholesomeness comes to an abrupt and screeching halt. The, ahem, Camel Toe Lady Steppers, one of my favorite Social Aid and Pleasure Clubs, is having their 6th annual “Toe Down” fundraiser over at One-Eyed Jacks, featuring: The Happy Talk Band, DJ Kazu, M.C. Ronnie Numbers of the New Orleans Bingo! Show, Roots Of Music Marching Crusaders, Mystic Ponies Aerial Troupe, Bellydancer Meredith Booth and, of course, The Camel Toe Lady Steppers. Also! a Not-So-Silent Auction, Raffle, Zack Smith’s “Fo-Toe Booth,” & special appearances by the Krewe Of The Rolling Elvis & The Baby Dolls. ($15). Doors @ 9pm, Show @ 9:30.

Well, its kinda wholesome. It is a fundraiser for charity. Last year, it was Roots of Music. I’m not sure if they are “The Toe’s” permanent beneficiary or not. But, see, there, now you can feel good about yourself.


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  1. “The best description I ever heard of summer in New Orleans is “it’s like living in a dog’s mouth.” But why dwell on that?” awesome thanks! never heard that one before. Clark

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