Alright, I’m trying to get this posted well before noon so that you can get over to Prytania Theatre in time to see the noon screening of Citizen Kane ($5.50). From now until Mardi Gras, they are showing a classic movie every week, with noon screenings on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday. Today is your last chance to see Citizen Kane. You might be the only person there who doesn’t remember Citizen Kane’s first run, but who cares? Last week was All About Eve, quite possibly my favorite movie ever, And I would have LOVED to do a post about it, but I missed it. See? This is why I’m doing this project.

After the movie, head on down to the Riverwalk, at the very end of which, is the Southern Food and Beverage Museum. The current exhibits are: “Louisiana Eats! Laissez-Faire Savoire-Faire” (which explains the development of local cuisine), “Eating Around the South” (which does the same for Maryland, Arkansas, Tennessee and Texas), “Southern Table” (dinnerware representative of each Southern state), “Corn Exhibit” (corn), “Eating in the White House” (also self-explanatory), and “Southern Likker”:

Alcohol plays a large part in everyday gatherings in the world, and this collection explores the Southern means of entertaining. On display we have the bar salvaged from Brunning’s Restaurant after Hurricane Katrina. Brunning’s was the third oldest bar in New Orleans, and the bar itself dates back to the 1840’s. We also have an extensive collection of miniature liquor bottles, donated by Tropical Isle, as well as a growing display of classic Southern drinks and their preparations.

And, the Museum of the American Cocktail is within SoFab. I love that place. It is organized by decade, and, oh you just have to check it out.

After all that gazing at food and drink, head over to The French Market. Their weekly farmer’s market is on Wednesday’s from 3-7. There’s this new stand where they make delicious fresh smoothies and daiquiries. These daiquiries aren’t like the ones with names like “High Octane” that are dispensed from machines all around the greater New Orleans area. These are made to order with all kinds of fresh fruit, and quality likker. Try a Pina Colada. Seriously. Then go pick up some shrimp to pair with that lemon grass we picked up at the Desire Market.

Then, when you get home, make this.


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  1. Not only am I old enough to have been in the theater at the first showing of “Citizen Kane”, I was Thomas Edison’s assistant when he first stole Lumaire’s invention. I was probably the only person to walk out of a showing at the Prytania back in the 60s. It was “Sound of Music” and I was afraid I would get artificial diabetes. God would have turned Julie Andrews into a pillar of sugar.

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