The Bard Abides

Tonight, there is a one-night only showing of Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors at Tulane University, Dixon Hall.

The play is one of his earliest, and is a farce full of mistaken identities, infidelity, theft, and according to Wikipedia “wrongful beatings,” which begs the question: what is a rightful beating? Anyway, sounds like a good time; and I love an excuse to stroll the stately Tulane campus.

The play should be over at 9:30, which gives you just enough time to get over to Jacque-Imo’s and get seated before they close at 10:30. They don’t take reservations for parties of less than 5, so unless you’re in a big old posse, you’re going to have to wait a minute. That’s alright, you’re not in a big hurry, get a drink at the bar and chat on the sidewalk; it’s far too easy to take for granted our right to drink on the street.

Jacque-imo’s website doesn’t list their menu, so here’s a copy I found elsewhere. I have been lucky enough to eat there many times, as my employer takes us there every year for our Christmas party, which is usually held after Mardi Gras, but nevermind about that. It is very easy to be completely stuffed before your entree ever arrives, so I recommend taking it easy on the apps. They are tempting, I know, I’ve fallen into this trap many times. Skip the delicious sausage and alligator cheesecake. And for God’s sake don’t start with the sinful deep-fried, roast beef po-boy. I think, maybe, I’m unwittingly using reverse psychology here. Well, I’m certainly sending mixed messages:

I would start with the fried green tomatoes ($7.95) which comes with a little shrimp remoulade. Then, if you ordered an entree, they bring you a lightly-dressed spinach salad adorned with a fried oyster. The Potato-Crusted Drum ($21.95) in a caper beurre blanc is heavenly, and you get a choice of two sides, (I usually get beets and country greens).

Speaking of comedies of errors, it’s off to Prytania Theatre‘s midnight screening of The Big Lebowski–another farce replete with mistaken identities, infidelities, thefts, and wrongful beatings. The brothers Cohen owe a debt to the Bard, certainly, but it turns out Shakespeare borrowed heavily from the Romans to write his late sixteenth century play. The Dude abideth.

Yeah, it’s late, but don’t you kind of need a Caucasian (aka White Russian) now? The Dude wouldn’t go to some swanky cocktail lounge to get his drink, he’d look for quarters in his couch, and head over to some place like Snake & Jake’s Christmas Lounge.

I hope they have milk. Or do I?


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  1. You ask when is there a “rightfull beating”? Any beating administered to all of the “news” people at Fox.

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