The Butcher & The (Red-Headed) Stranger

Lunch time approaches, when I realize that it is been far too long since I’ve been to Butcher, the Link group’s (Herbsaint, Cochon) wonderful lunch spot cum wine bar cum high-end butcher shop. It’s genius. You roll in at lunch time for a sandwich, or the lunch special, and then gaze at the meat case, and wait for inspiration for what to cook for dinner that night. Then you cruise back by at 5, have a glass of wine and a cheese board, or an item off their ever-expanding and super-chic bar food menu, pick up that night’s protein, and head home to google recipes.

photo courtest

Today they have a new salad: Prosciutto with Arugula and Grana Parma. And the special is Lardo Crostini. Hmm. But, how about the pork belly sandwich on white bread with mint and cucumber ($10)? I think that’s it. And for Happy Hour snack? How about just some marinated Brussel sprouts ($6) with a glass of 2007 Belle Vallée Pinot Gris ($7) from Oregon. Stop by the meat case and pick up a couple of pieces of duck confit ($7/each). Done and done. Well, almost. I guess you have to cook this stuff when you get home.

photo courtesy

After your fancy-ass French dinner, you need to come on back to Earth, and by Earth I mean America. What you need is some country music. And, lucky for you, my third favorite red-head (behind my husband and Carol Burnett) is playing at House of Blues. (Okay, full disclosure: Willie and I have the same birthday, but that’s not why I recommend you go see him). He’s playing tomorrow, too, in case you’re in too much of a food coma. But, I think you should go tonight. It’s still pretty cold out, and I can imagine everyone putting it off until tomorrow, this being a town full of procrastinators. P.S. My cats are named for this song.


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