Sabor Argentino

You’re spending all afternoon thumbing through your new books, and snacking on locally grown vegetables, snuggled up on the couch, staring out the window, when you realize that you are now at that age when your fantasy life starts to resemble a Diane Lane movie and you decide you will have to drag Antonio Banderas your husband to an Argentinian Tango lesson.

On Tuesday nights at 7, Ector Gutierrez teaches beginning Argentinian Tango at The Practice Studio in Mid-City. $10.

Presumably, after working up a sweat for an hour, you’ll be ready for a late, romantic dinner. There would be no more appropriate place than La Boca Argentinan steak house. You have to love a place that offers–pretty much exclusively–meat pies and sausages as appetizers…to steak. As tempting as the Gaucho Plate may be (chorizo, beef skewers, sweetbreads and empanadas), I’d start with an Ensalada de Sandia (Arugula, Smoked Bacon, Cabrales Blue Cheese and Watermelon Vinaigrette), and save the blood lust for the steak. The American Kobe Terras Major is a thing of beauty.

Also tempting is the Milanesa, a thin, fried beef cutlet which you can opt to have topped with a fried egg. The steaks come with an assortment of three chimichurris, all of which are tasty, but the green cilantro one is particularly delicious. With a side of grilled asparagus and some French fries “La Boca,” and a bottle of Malbec ($28-$150) you have the perfect steak dinner. And, while you wait for your food to come out, you and your lover (I hate that word, but it’s so appropriate in a Diane Lane movie) can fence across the table with the beautiful, custom steak knives your waiter has had you select.


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