Making Groceries, etc.

Well, it’s warmed up just enough to make a midday trip to the Crescent City Farmer’s Market a nice proposition. For us downtowners, it’s quite a haul all the way up to the Riverbend. But when it’s all sunny, crisp and sweet-smelling out, the drive uptown is beautiful. Speaking of sweet-smelling, why not pick up a bouquet of flowers in addition to local produce. It’s the little luxuries. Every month at the Tuesday market, a local restaurant caters a “Green Plate Special.” This month it’s the couple who ran Gabrielle. Today’s lunch is: chicken smothered in onion gravy and mashed potatoes or smoked pulled pork and andouille with beer-braised cabbage and creole mustard sauce, broccoli cheese soup and carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. (Okay, this is a pic from a market in Florida, but I see tables just like this at the Tuesday market.)

Since you’re uptown, and would like to duck in somewhere nice and warm for a minute, head over to Octavia Books and pick up a copy of The Crescent City Farmer’s Market Cookbook. Since we’re in a food and growing stuff mood, why not pick up a copy of Month to Month Gardening in Louisiana (a book from which I pilfer much.) Speaking of things from which I steal, let’s see if they still have a copies of the 2010 Huli’s Louisiana Festival calendar, it’s quirky and fun and has the most comprehensive list of regional festivals I’ve been able to find. It should hang in your kitchen. This isn’t your kitchen; this is Octavia Books.


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