Surviving a Freezing Sunday

My first post! It’s freaking freezing, so I’m not going far from home today. I live downtown, so my suggestions will probably be a bit downtown-centric (unapologetically), but part of this project is to expand my horizons, so I will do my best to get around. But back to today…

Frankly, I’m shocked that my first post would have to do with football. But, it’s play-off time, and Saints fever is in full-swing. There are many great bars for watching football, and today, I’ll start with my favorite: Markey’s Bar in the Bywater. You can’t not watch the game, as there are plasma TVs affixed to every surface, drinks are cheap, and the fans are, ahem, enthusiastic.

After the game, cruise down to Frenchmen Street, and into dba (full disclosure: I work there), where on Sundays at 4:30, into the foreseeable future, there are free Swing Dance lessons with Amy and Chance. Learn some steps, and then try them out to the musical stylings of the Palmetto Bug Stompers. Some booty-shaking and a Hot Irish Coffee will warm you up.

Since you’re already in the neighborhood, and it’s too cold to walk very far, dinner at Adolfo’s is the perfect choice; it’s right across the street. Sunday is a difficult night for eating out, but Adolfo’s is open every night of the week. The wine list is a bit limited, so buy a bottle of red at dba to take over there with you. The Oysters Pernod are exactly what they sound like, and delicious. The fish of the day with Ocean Sauce is always a safe, albiet rich, bet. The atmosphere is cozy, casual, even a little romantic. The service can be a slow, but on a freezing cold Sunday, it probably won’t be terribly busy. Oh, and cash only!


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